OnyX and macOS Big Sur

YES, there will be a version of OnyX for macOS Big Sur!

When macOS Big Sur officially releases, the version of OnyX specific to this version of macOS will therefore probably be available in the following 2-3 weeks.

Since 2003, I have spent a lot of time developing the OnyX application so that it can be used freely by all Mac users.

Using your donations, I have been paying for a domain name and hosting for the website since 2017. I was also able to buy a PowerBook Pro 15" in 2007, then an iMac 27" in 2012. However, as you probably know, pre-2014 iMacs are incompatible with macOS Big Sur.
To continue developing my applications, I need to buy a new 27" iMac this fall (September or October), and your donations can make this possible.

If you want to help me, you can make a donation by clicking the Donate button.

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