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You can also read the "Solving problems" section in the Application help (Help menu).

User name and password

The password requested at launch is not a serial number!
You must use an administrator user name and its password (see System Preferences > Users & Groups).
Note: With Mac OS X 10.7 and OS X 10.8, the applications work only if you set a password. Even if you are the only one using your computer, not setting a password is a security risk and can be very dangerous. Remember that you are connecting to the Internet!

The application stops responding while checking the startup disk

Warning: Sometimes, the verification can take a very long time with Mojave (from some minutes to several hours)!

Some antivirus software or processes that are running in the background may prevent verification.


To uninstall an application, go in the Help menu and choose Uninstall. In the confirmation message that appears, click the Continue button. The application and the components created while installing and using the application will be removed. Empty the Trash to finish the operation.