Deeper release notes

This page shows all the last modifications, the new features, and the resolved issues (including the version in progress).

Deeper 2.6.0

• Issue corrected that occurred when choosing saving-path for screenshots
• Panes reorganized
• Some obsolete functions deleted
• Restart routine improved

Deeper 2.5.9

• Options optimized in the Parameters > Finder pane

Deeper 2.5.8

• Issue corrected that occurred when changing the background image of the login window

Deeper 2.5.7

• Issue corrected that prevented the application from running in some cases
• Privileges corrected when downloading an update from the application
• Restarting improved
• Help updated, optimized, and reindexed

Deeper 2.5.6

• Some parts of the source code have been optimized
• Some issues corrected
• Update routine improved

Deeper 2.5.5

• Issue corrected that impacted some minor functions
• Hidden parameters of the Dock improved
• Update routine improved
• Minor modifications made

Deeper 2.5.4

• Issue corrected that occurred when managing the Deeper log
• Reactivated the option to enable the startup sound on recent Macs
• Update routine improved
• Uninstalling improved

Deeper 2.5.3

• New option: Change the background image in the login window
• Improved opening and restarting the application
• Deeper log improved
• Issue corrected that occurred when turning off the startup sound with some configurations
• Uninstalling optimized
• Help updated and improved

Deeper 2.5.2

• Translations improved

Deeper 2.5.1

• Some parts of the source code have been optimized
• Restart routine modified
• Help improved

Deeper 2.5.0

• New version for macOS Catalina only